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On Wed, 3 Jan 2018 20:35:44 -0000 (UTC), Jim Jackson wrote:

I've just moved to phonecoop FTTC broadband. I've just done a whois on the
fixed IP address I get is it appears to be owned by TalkTalk. I've done
the same for things like IP address at other end of PPPoE connection and
first router in traceroutes and stuff and it's all TalkTalk.

Anybody know which which bits of the talktalk infastructure they are
using? I suspose it's some sort of wholesale provision. Can any shed light
on this sort of thing, I know there are some cluefull people around here.
I niaively thought they'd run their own setup.


I'm with DirectSave and on TalkTalk's LLU kit in the exchange. I was very
pleased that all of my e-mail addresses still worked. I get 3.1Mbps max.
here and it holds up well and doesn't seem to suffer from contention.

I looked at PhoneCoop (why have a 'phone in a hen-house?) last night but the
'phone prices are quite high.
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