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Default PhoneCoop broadband ...

On 2018-01-04, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
I've just moved to phonecoop FTTC broadband. I've just done a
whois on the fixed IP address I get is it appears to be owned by

Many ISPs are using TalkTalk Wholesale to offer unlimited FTTC, which BT
Wholesale/Openreach prices out of reach.

But that is unrelated to the IP address range you get, which is down to the ISP
that offers the services.

Yes, that's as maybe generally, but...

My fixed IP is which looks up to

and a whois on shows Registrar: Ascio Technologies, Inc.
Registrant Contact Organization: Talk Talk Communications Limited
ditto Technical contact and admin contact. So looks like a talktalk IP
address, no?

I have a small fixed block of IP on my FTTC using TalkTalk Wholesale,
which are allocated to my ISP.