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Bob Henson
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Default yahoo down again

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

On Friday, 5 January 2018 15:35:51 UTC, Bob Henson wrote:
Graham J wrote:

critcher wrote:
wonder what they lost this time?

Are there any free email services that do work reliably?

I am about to make a recommendation to a very inexpert (and
cash-strapped) user ... normally I would suggest paying a reputable
supplier for a domain and and mail hosting, but this user may not want
to fund it.

Google is solid as a rock - never failed in all the time I've had my
accounts running.

For various reasons Google sometimes cancels accounts and deletes any
content in them. You are not paying and have no come back nor any
redress if they do this.

I've never heard of it happening to anyone who behaves themselves and
sticks to their terms of service.

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