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Default How much does it cost to fibre up Brex****ting UK plc?

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How much does it cost to fibre up Brex****ting UK plc?

Couldn't we just breed a lot more carrier pigeons?

Assume we giving up on Openroch double blow job
installation technique that costs between 500 to 800
per install, and assumuming BT's (British Telecum's)
33,000 openroach engineers cannot be retrained by brexit time
to install fibre like everyone else, and they install
empty tube and then recable second time with fibre blow
job on customer premises wasting time and energy
when they could have installed a 100+ core cable
for under 2 a meter in the same time as it took to
install the empty tube.

Assuming 150 per install because fibre doesn't need
electric power or repeaters until some 10km or more
away. Again no BT (British Telecum) and its openroach
installers in the loop anywhere otherwise your install
cost is between 500 to 800.

So assume the fibre network will be mandated not
to carry electric cables to keep costs low.

Now allow BT / VM like fibre non-sharing arrangement
that allow both of the them to dig a tunnel
in the same road twice thanks to Offcum.

So a fibre can be installed and none of the fibres
need be shared with VM or BT and thus we have our
own micro tunnel for the fibre with nothing electric
inside them. If you allow electric cables,
they are likely to be zapped by lightening strikes
and massively increase costs.

How much is all of that going to cost?

4 billion for 25 million households.

Each fibred up City will add 2 billion to the economy.

With the dozens of cities in UK, the cost of 4 billion
is amply repaid within a year or two.

So government should create one national agnostic fibre install
company to install fibre.

Any ISP can buy the fibres then at no more than 150
install fee which they can pass on to customer.
Any ISP can install a $14 1gbit fibre modem and
buy $600 router to route internet to a house
by attaching to the national internet.

For 1gbit symmetric equal upload and download speed
people will pay 50 a month.

The gigabit customers can play games faster with it.
Because the upload speeds are so much faster.

They can install IoT security cameras with it
that will now work properly because of the
high upload bandwidth.

5G companies can roll out 5G properly.
They need to fit a 10gbit internet line back to base.
They will willingly pay the 150 fee
to each lamp post for the 5G modems.
And they can use their own engineers
to connect radio signals to base
through the fibre.

All kinds of foot dragging by BT's installation
company Openroch cannot now foot draq such as
moaning if the exchange is more than 2 miles from
customer. (Yes really! These super thick shiiite
value's BT investor still whines if the
fibre optic cable is more than 2 miles from
customer. Why no whino can say.

Despite repeaters able to operate at 100km range.

Its just that they always whine and
they forgot why they are whining despite
technology serving them better.