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Default BT HH4 speed issue

"R. Mark Clayton" wrote in message
On Tuesday, 20 February 2018 17:24:55 UTC, Woody wrote:
A friend who is a farmer also runs a small caravan site and has
free wi-fi for his guests. He is at the end of almost 3000m of
overhead line and so the download speed is slow.

When we arrived on site last month it was doing almost 1.6Mb. We
then had
two nights of heavy rain and frighteningly high winds. When I
checked again
the download was only 650K but the upload was unchanged at about
760K. The
farm is in East Somerset: Speedtest using Vodafone servers at
Newbury gives
about 19mS ping.

When we revisited this month the speed was unchanged - 650K and
760K. Today
I power cycled the HH4 and within 10 minutes it was doing 1.53Mb:
now, some
6 hours later it is doing just over 1.8Mb with upload still at

Two questions:

Should the HH4 have retrained to the higher speed without need for
cycle intervention, should I try to get himself to use a better
router, or
is this a BTOR issue? All lines incidentally are through BT

The overhead carries four pairs all of which are active and carry
their own
broadband. BT dslchecker indicates two lines (those used for the
campers and
the domestic B/B) should be able to do 1-3Mb, the third line (used
for the
farm business) should be able to do 2.5-3.5Mb, and the fourth line
(used by
his son's business) should be able to handle 2-6Mb - and indeed
this seems
to be the case, today the latter line was doing 5.86Mb. It baffles
me that
four lines all running the same route and in the same cable (there
are no
streetcabs on this exchange) can have such speed variation. They
are all
direct exchange lines (fibre is not available on this exchange and
there is
no LLU) and have a single U/G and O/H cable feed. About six houses
in a
hamlet that also use the same feed (split at a pole-top DP) I am
told also
suffer from slow speeds. For the record I have done quiet line
tests on the
campers line and on the high-speed (!) line: the campers line is (a
lower audio level than the other and has noticeably more hiss on it
neither has any crackling and both ring without problem.

Anyone any suggestions on either or both questions?


1. Get a HH6 or Draytek 2960 (better).
2. Ring the number the router is on and let it ring out for a couple
of minutes.

This may sound daft but I assume the ringing test is with a phone
plugged in - this line is used for B/B only so normally has no phone.

Being a farm I will ask if they have any of the old external bells
left as they have a REN of 4 so will pull rather more current,
otherwise I'll get a 470R or 390R 10W resistor and put it across the
line in series with a 2u2F cap.

That do it do you think?


harrogate3 at ntlworld dot com