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Default Intermittent phone line disconnections, however.....

On 08/04/2018 16:13, Mark Carver wrote:

.......broadband service is unaffected.

On outgoing calls, it causes
'cleardown'. On incoming calls there's a click and loss of audio for a
few 100 milliseconds, and all carries on again as normal.

I've no definite experience to speak of, except when, during the
governmentally paranoid Thatcher years, although I wasn't a supporter of
extreme views, I happened to count among my friends some rather
left-wing people - local left-wing politicos, a member of CND who ran
the shop in Cardiff, etc. The latter told me the symptoms of a phone
being tapped, and I realised that for a short while previously mine
probably had been. When you ring out, you hear what you suppose is the
number that you had dialled ring, but it's actually been diverted to the
tap, then there's a momentary break as the tap answers and engages, and
then the number you had actually dialled rings for real. Similarly, on
incoming calls, just after you pick up the phone, there's a click as the
tap engages.

So, who's your mother been associating with? CND? Enemies of Brexit?
Grannies For Free Grass? Poodles For President?