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Default Intermittent phone line disconnections, however.....

On 08/04/2018 16:57, Java Jive wrote:
On 08/04/2018 16:13, Mark Carver wrote:

.......broadband service is unaffected.

On outgoing calls, it causes 'cleardown'. On incoming calls there's a
click and loss of audio for a few 100 milliseconds, and all carries on
again as normal.

I've no definite experience to speak of, except when, during the
governmentally paranoid Thatcher years, although I wasn't a supporter of
extreme views, I happened to count among my friends some rather
left-wing people* -* local left-wing politicos, a member of CND who ran
the shop in Cardiff, etc.* The latter told me the symptoms of a phone
being tapped, and I realised that for a short while previously mine
probably had been.* When you ring out, you hear what you suppose is the
number that you had dialled ring, but it's actually been diverted to the
tap, then there's a momentary break as the tap answers and engages, and
then the number you had actually dialled rings for real.* Similarly, on
incoming calls, just after you pick up the phone, there's a click as the
tap engages.

So, who's your mother been associating with?* CND?* Enemies of Brexit?
Grannies For Free Grass?* Poodles For President?

During the Thatcher years that may have been true. I'd be shocked if
there was anything so detectable now.

Just report the voice fault. AIUI ADSL/VDSL can sometimes jump small
breaks in the wire, or even the loss of half the pair.