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Default Intermittent phone line disconnections, however.....

On 10/04/2018 09:30, Martin Brown wrote:

On Friday night, the line was permanently 'engaged' for at least 4
hours, at mother's end no dial tone, just a 'humming sound' so perhaps
it's a short ?

You should probably have reported it whilst it was in this state.

If I'd been physically there, and was confident it wasn't one of the
phones knocked off the hook etc, I would have done !
I've not been present at her house to witness any of the faults, and I'm
not 100% confident yet the breaks are not 'mother induced', (i.e
momentarily knocking the hook when she moves the phone) You've got to be
100% sure of your facts before you mobilise BT-OR !

Not exactly the same. Bad lines usually take down ADSL too. Do the error
second and CRC error correction on the modem show anything unusual?

I'll have a look next time I'm there, but the sync speed and SNR values
are the same as they've always been

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