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Default Cheap 4G dongle for short trip..?

MissRiaElaine wrote:
Hi all,

My other half and I are planning a canal cruise again this year, and we
really want some form of connectivity while we're away.

So we're looking for a USB 'dongle' that we can use on the laptop,

Are you wanting it to connect directly with the laptop or a separate mifi
that would work with multiple devices?

don't want any sort of contract, as it's only going to be required for 2
or 3 weeks in any one year.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best one to go for..?

That may be more of a function of where you're going to be. Try the
coverage maps for the main networks and see if any them are particularly
good or bad.

How much data do you reckon you're going to need?

I know
that PAYG credit expires after a month on these things nowadays (I used
to have one of the Vodafone ones where it didn't) but that's not really
a problem as long as it can be reactivated later when it's needed again.

You'll still need to use it least one every 90 or 180 days (depending on
network) to keep it alive.

I use a Three data SIM that I top up for a tenner for 1gig and 15 for
3gig. Works for me.