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Default Intermittent phone line disconnections, however.....

On 12/04/2018 14:49, Graham. wrote:

Mark, can I reiterate what others have said, that it's not uncommon
for a line fault that kills POTS completly, eg one leg going O.C. to
have little or no effect on xDSL.

Oh, I don't doubt it, I have had myself a completely dead (for voice)
line, and the ADSL has indeed carried on, however at a lower sync rate etc.

So it's quite likley it's a fault in the lineplant rather than than
the exchange equipment, (not that it makes any difference to the

Did the Friday night session coinside with wet weather? I am thinking
of flooded cable ducts etc.

It was raining I think yes, although the line is predominately overhead.
Previous line problems have all been 'wind' related !
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