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Default Plusnet prices going up, or maybe down

"Clive Page" wrote in message
Have other Plusnet customers had an email giving prices changes?
Changes means increases, of course. It says that from 5th June they
are increasing phone line prices by 1/month but including free
Caller Display and Call Protect (previously 99p/month extra).

But they also have some other special offers like "unlimited
broadband and line rental" for 19.99/month, which is less than I'm
paying now, but it doesn't say whether this includes the Caller
Display and Call Protect; if it does it's silly of them not to say
so. Otherwise I can't see the downside to that, except it seems to
require a 12 month contract after which, I assume, the price will go
up by default to something silly.

But I see from MSE's money tips that if you not already a Plusnet
customer you can get broadband for only 10.24/month, which makes
the 19.99 deal not look such a bargain. Inertia selling as always.
So I could save money by leaving for a month and then re-joining.


Remember CLI becomes free for all (OfCom ruling) from October this
year, so.......


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