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Default "Adverts for broadband speeds to face new rules"

MB wrote:
On 02/05/2018 13:36, NY wrote:
How much of the download speed is a function of the ISP, and how much
is due to appalling quality of BT Openreach lines over which most
ISPs' broadband runs? In other words, what is the point of changing
from a "slow" ISP to a "faster" one if the rate-limiting step is that
you are 5 miles from the exchange over wire that has wet, corroded

I would think most if the responsibility of the ISP.

I use BT Internet and have no problem with speed or service.

I would think there is no opportunity for an ISP to cuts costs by asking
BT for an unreliable or poor quality line but they will possibly be able
to choose a lower response time to faults. The big savings will be once
it connects to their own equipment, they will be able to use cheaper
equipment, lower capacity circuits in their own network and fiddle with
contention settings.

The length and quality of the phone line is the limiting factor. If you
live too far away from the exchange there is nothing even the best ISP
can do to improve your speeds. However they may be able to force
Openreach to improve reliability.

I've had clients some 5 miles distant from an exchange who achieve 1
Mbits/sec with almost 100% reliability thanks to diligent work by the
ISP to get Openreach to remake every joint along the cable and replace
any aluminium sections with copper. Probably their only disruptions are
caused by thunderstorms.

Graham J