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Default Too quiet when using VOIP

I have a Sipgate line that I use at home using a Cisco ATA connected to some cordless phones and it works fine

Incoming calls also go to my Android mobile phone on which I have installed CSip Simple.

The problem is that when a call comes in on the mobile the volume is not very loud (in the earpiece speaker) and I can't make it any louder using the phone's volume control - also people at the other end of the call say they can't hear me very well either.

Normal mobile network calls on the mobile phone are fine so it's something to do with Sipgate/CSip Simple and I'm wondering if I could make any adjustments to increase the volume both for me and my callers?


Perhaps it's version spacific, but on my Android phone with

Whislt a call is in progress touch the three dots at the bottom right.
Touch "Media".
You should now see app spacific sliders for volume and mic gain.