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Default Buttfsckinghamshire fiber fees 500 sheets of paper per meter

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

On Tuesday, 8 May 2018 20:47:31 UTC+1, 7 wrote:
R. Mark Clayton wrote:

On Tuesday, 8 May 2018 10:52:59 UTC+1, 7 wrote:
Buttfsckinghamshire fiber fees 500 sheets of paper per meter

The fees to fill in forms for permissions to install fiber
is now the price of 500 sheets of paper per meter in
Buttfsckinghamshire. Per kilometer, the price is 500,000 sheets of

Oh Buttfsckinghamshire residents, you are NOT going to any Internet
any time soon.

They are fscking fscked by their council unless they elect
less corrupt ones.

Especially after introduction of additional bond fees that is
held back for 2 FSCKING years!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden.
Exceptionally notable as being NOT NECESSARY for fiber installation
in most places. Unless you are a corruption driven council
of Buttfsckinghamshire.

Yea, while we are it, why not tax oxygen as well. In case we run out
of oxygen during fiber installation due to a an inexplicable
alteration of the space time continuum while the *fscking* fibre is
being laid.

On top you must pay the *fscking* DARK FIBER TAX to OFFCUM as well.

This means another *fscking* 25,000 to 85,000 for a 10gbit symmetric
fiber line.

While in Singapore, residents can get it for $200 a month.
And BT pays about the same 150 a month for all its 1 million
gigabit fiber links after being exempted from DARK FIBER TAX.

So offcum, what about excepting everyone from DARK FIBER TAX?
Like window tax abolition, its a good thing for everyone to
have fiber and not pay DARK FIBER TAX.

When Nynex installed cable here around twenty years ago, they severed
tree roots, cut other utilities, dreadful backfill and finish (most
needed or still needs redoing) and lots of rework because of faults.

Sounds like you want to do the same sort of cowboy job and not take
responsibility for any damage to the roads and pavements.

Sounds like your council has no idea how to manage inspections.
Is it run by buttfsckinstani cousins? If so, it sounds like you ain't got
fast internet because they are the same butfsckistanies
operating buttfsckinghamshire council which means you don't deserve
fast internet anyway for electing sister shaggers to councils instead
of talent.

Sounds like Buck's does - demanding proper documentation for a start,
probably something Hyperoptic never normally bothers with...

Sounds like you live in a Buttfsckistanishire council of sister shaggers
where no document is proper until some brown envelopes
stuffed full of bitcoins have parted hands.

And what happens to all this documentation?
If we levy 1 charge to each councillor's wages for each paper
which they can reclaim back if they read it all (which we ensure
by asking them to type out 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th etc [prime numbers]
word in CAPs, and sign it, per page, and email it) would these
sister shagging council entities demand paper I wonder.
No point in asking for proper documentation until you pay the 1 per
page charge and claim it back me thinks.