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Default Average broadband rates near 50Mbps in UK

"R. Mark Clayton" wrote in message

Mine is about that, and could be double if I wanted to pay a lot more.

Still about a million with slow broadband, but they tend to live in the
sticks like my sister. For some reason they moan about how everyone else
should pay for them to get high speed broadband.

You don't have to live very far out in the sticks. I was surprised to see a
whole housing estate of about 1970s vintage where they don't have FTTC
despite being within about a mile of the exchange, and no forecast of
when/if FTTC will every be enabled - "we are investigating ways of providing
it" as if it's a major exercise rather than a "just get on and do it"

It seems to be one or two cabinets that don't have FTTC (maybe because
there's no fibre to them rather than because the cables won't support VDSL),
but fibre has been provided to the ones either side.

OK, fast ADSL is not to be moaned at, but the problem with ADSL is that even
if you get 18 Mbps down, you are still stuck with the 0.4 or 0.9 Mbps up
which is a problem in these modern days of backing up everything to cloud
storage. The decision to make ADSL quite *so* asynchronous was not a good
one, in hindsight :-)