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Default Average broadband rates near 50Mbps in UK

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

Mine is about that, and could be double if I wanted to pay a lot more.

So the speeds are 5/50 upload download speed - net 55,
which means your local cumpanies don't believe you deserve
symmetric fiber internet speeds and give you a shiite stick
through which telecum is delivered unto you.

Yet nearly 4% of UK get 1000/1000 net 2000 Mbps bits capacity
with symmetric fiber links especially in rural areas covered by likes of
B4RN. And Hyperoptic, Citifiber, etc in the cities.

In near third world Portugal it is 80% of the population with fiber.

In the mean time, no one in UK will get gigabit capable
Internet even by 2020 by BT (Britsh fscking Telescum), Openroach,
Offcum and DARK FIBER TAX rip off which BT doesn't pay
but which all small operators must pay.

Sounds like Buttfsckinghamshire schemes are being rolled out to the
rest of UK.