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Chris Green
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Default Average broadband rates near 50Mbps in UK

Martin Brown wrote:
Phone - unknown, but probably 1930's and even then.
Electricity - 1952
Mains water - unknown

Rural locations tended to have private water supplies that were quite
decent (water quality taste wise was better).

Mains sewerage - 2016, with a 2k charge for connection.
Mains gas - still not got there, unlikely it ever will.

Lack of mains gas is a pretty good proxy for broadband not spots.

We have 'Anglian' water but it comes from a very local source and is
some of the best tasting water I've had over the years. Electricity
has been here for a long time, it was undergrounded a few years ago.

No mains gas and nor will there ever be I don't think.

*BUT* full speed FTTC if we want, I'm only paying for 40 down, 10 up
but we get that exactly, reliably and all the time.

Very rural location in South Suffolk, small village of only '100

I guess we're just lucky ro be fairly close to the cabinet! :-)

Chris Green