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Default Average broadband rates near 50Mbps in UK

On 09/05/2018 17:45, R. Mark Clayton wrote:

And a better source ...
"UK broadband speeds leap ahead, according to Ofcom study"

.... but ...

"but in rural areas, only 23% of connections surpassed 30 Mbps over the
same hours, while 53% were under 10 Mbps.

The regulator said the primary reasons for the discrepancy were less
availability and reduced take-up of cable and fibre services in the

So, no change there then.

Mine is about that, and could be double if I wanted to pay a lot more.

Lucky you, buy why come willy-waving here about it?

Still about a million with slow broadband, but they tend to live in the sticks like my sister. For some reason they moan about how everyone else should pay for them to get high speed broadband

That's not how it is at all, we moan because:

:-( WE PAY THE SAME PRICES AS YOU but get at best one-thirtieth of the
speed that you do.

:-( Originally, the infrastructure was never buried properly, so
frequently gets cut by verge-trimming, snow-clearance, ditching, etc.
There are at least a eleven examples of supposedly 'buried' cabling
exposed on the surface within about a mile or two of here, and
vulnerable to further damage, and at least three 'temporary' repairs
left exposed on the roadside for more than 12 months, one of them has
been there since before I came here in 2013, and another since January 2014.

:-( So given this neglect, unsurprisingly the service breaks down
frequently, and then we have to wait longer for an engineer's visit -
my most recent case was reported on 25th April when the fault was about
24hrs old, and finally fixed on 9th May, a fortnight's delay, but
actually that's nothing, on previous occasions I've been with a severely
reduced - I mean severely reduced by comparison with the already
severely reduced 'normal' level - and intermittently absent service
for as long as six months.

:-( Every year that goes by without rural services being improved see
the 'weight' of the average web page increase with more and more fatty
bloat. Average page weight is now approximately 4-5 times what is
actually necessary to display the content, so in effect our already slow
speeds are reduced by about a quarter because it takes 4-5 times as long
to load a page as it used to.

but they forget that for other services there was a long wait compared to cities and it cost . My sister lived in small settlement in rural Lincolnshire and this is is when stuff was connected: -

Whereas the urban moaners like yourself always forget that you get so
much better a service FOR THE SAME COST. It doesn't take much to work
out from the fact that you're already moaning that if you were paying
the same price for a 1/30 of the speed, you'd be moaning much worse than
we do, you'd be moaning your ****ing head off.