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Default Average broadband rates near 50Mbps in UK

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On Friday, 11 May 2018 11:58:54 UTC+1, NY wrote:
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Lack of mains gas is a pretty good proxy for broadband not spots.

I think there are a lot more houses without gas than are without decent
10 Mbps) broadband.

They can get LPG, but it is expensive. Equally you can get satellite
broadband on remote islands...

I was meaning "a lot more houses without *mains* gas than without decent
broadband". Anywhere can get bottled gas (providing it can be delivered!).
My parents have a cottage in the Dales which comes into the
never-in-a-million-years category for mains gas; sadly they chose to go for
bottled gas rather than oil for the central heating, and it's horrendously
expensive: about 130 for two 47 kg cylinders which last a month at best -
and that's with a coal stove as supplementary heating.

The irony is that about 20 years ago, British Gas dug up one of the main
access roads to the village in order to install a large main to take gas
from one town to the next. The village enquired about the cost of having a
spur, but it was horrendously expensive for two farms and seven houses. The
local farmer offered to do the unskilled work of digging a trench with his
JCB for free, ready for British Gas to do the skilled work of installing the
pipe and connecting it up, but that was Not Allowed: BG had to use their own
contractor who charged a disproportionally high amount. I think the charges
were higher than normal because BG didn't want to hassle of a small spur off
a trunk main.

At least telephone cable can be installed/upgraded more easily than gas
pipes. Mind you, I imagine the chances of FTTC in this millennium are