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Default Extending FTTC from a master socket

"Vir Campestris" wrote in message
Colleague of mine has just bought his first house. The master socket is in
a stupid place - what's the best kind of cable to run from there to where
his router will be? He'd like to keep the 80Mbps he gets from the cab
across the road.

(Cable fatness is not an issue. The first job was to strip a load of walls
back to get rid of the asbestos-ridden plaster - done by pros in suits.
Complete re-wire is the next project)

Before we upgraded from ADSL to FTTC, the router was in an upstairs bedroom,
via ancient BT house wiring from a GPO rectangular junction box and then by
my own ribbon cable extension under metal strips in doorways and round the
edges of carpets from that socket to the router. Pretty crappy cable, I'm

When we upgraded, I did the right thing and put the router right by the
master socket. I had to install Homeplug devices to get Ethernet upstairs to
the room where my PCs were, and the wireless coverage of a router downstairs
at one corner of the house was not as good as with the router upstairs and
more centrally.

With the router in the optimal position (no house wiring) I got about 25
Mbps on I then tried with the house wiring in circuit (ie
with the unfiltered faceplate in place) and the router in that faceplate,
and the speed reduced to 22. I felt bold so I tried the router in the
position that it had originally been, at the end of the house and
ribbon-cable extension and it reduced to about 20.

So... in my case the reduction in speed by putting the router where I wanted
it rather than at the master socket was noticeable but not a dramatic
reduction. I chose to take the hit for the convenience of the router next to
the devices that communicated locally (desktop and laptop PC) and where it
gave better wifi coverage. I could alternatively have paid BT OR horrendous
amounts of money to install a "data line" (ie unfiltered, with the rest of
the house wiring filtered at the master socket) which may well have given me
the full 25 Mbps.

I'd suggest you do the same: get absolute best-case figures and figures for
the router where *you* want it, and see whether the reduction is acceptable.