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Default Extending FTTC from a master socket

On 15/05/2018 22:28, Andy Burns wrote:
Vir Campestris wrote:

The master socket is
in a stupid place - what's the best kind of cable to run from there to
where his router will be?

No need to go overboard for a few metres inside the house, cat5 will be
fine, he probably wouldn't notice any loss with just cat3/cw1308 cable

The thing to do is try a length of 20m extension cable (not coiled up)
and see if you can even detect the difference. My guess is that unless
the cable has been exceptionally badly made you will not see anything
measurable until 50m or more of good quality cable has been added.

If you use bell wire then all bets are off.

Splitting the ADSL signal from the phone house wiring ASAP will help.

Martin Brown