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Default Extending FTTC from a master socket

"Graham." wrote in message
Colleague of mine has just bought his first house. The master socket is
in a stupid place - what's the best kind of cable to run from there to
where his router will be? He'd like to keep the 80Mbps he gets from the
cab across the road.

(Cable fatness is not an issue. The first job was to strip a load of
walls back to get rid of the asbestos-ridden plaster - done by pros in
suits. Complete re-wire is the next project)


Solid core CAT5e or CAT6 cable
Does the master socket have a faceplate filter fitted?

Multiple filters, one at each socket, is not the best way to proceed
despite what your ISP may tell you.

Quite so, because of reflections up the unused arms.

But going for a filtered faceplate is rather committing yourself to having
the router in one place for ever more - and that place is the worst place in
the house, given that most master sockets are at the point where the drop
cable enters the house, which is usually near the front door. Who wants to
put their router there if they need Ethernet rather than wifi to PCs in a
office in another room.