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Default Extending FTTC from a master socket

On Tue, 15 May 2018 22:46:05 +0100, Graham J

Vir Campestris wrote:
Colleague of mine has just bought his first house. The master socket is
in a stupid place - what's the best kind of cable to run from there to
where his router will be? He'd like to keep the 80Mbps he gets from the
cab across the road.

(Cable fatness is not an issue. The first job was to strip a load of
walls back to get rid of the asbestos-ridden plaster - done by pros in
suits. Complete re-wire is the next project)

If you were to ask Openreach to do this they would extend the phone line
from the unfiltered connection on the faceplate filter using Cat5 cable,
terminated in a wall-mounted RJ45 socket.


Well you could ask Openreach and maybe they will cock it up like my
son's rented premises. When he moved in he finds BB rate at abouit
2.5mbps from an Openreach "box" with BB and phone outputs. The
property is about 500 metres from the local exchange.

Investigation reveals:-

Incomong line to NTE, a master socket with remoneable faceplate. The
faceplate (with phone socket only) has extension wiring, star wired to
3 other locations.

2 of those locations are normal phone extensions elsewhere in the
property, the third is to an Openreach NTE with BB and phone

The wiring INTO this NTE investigation reveals it is a master socket
with BB and phone ouputs) is connected to the outgoing extension wire
connectors of the removeable faceplate of this NTE. (not to the A and
B connectors, which would have been incorrect as well).

The landlord says the wiring was done by the local Openreach engineer
and it thus must be correct.

To get reasonable BB (circa 12 mbps) the faceplate of the incoming NTE
has been removed and a filter plugged into the 'test' socket. Phone
(DECT) and BB are connected to this filter.

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