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Default Extending FTTC from a master socket

NY wrote:
But going for a filtered faceplate is rather committing yourself to having
the router in one place for ever more - and that place is the worst place
in the house, given that most master sockets are at the point where the
drop cable enters the house, which is usually near the front door. Who
wants to put their router there if they need Ethernet rather than wifi to
PCs in a office in another room.

One option is to have a split modem and router. Put the modem next to the
master socket and then run cat5e/6 to the router. Site the router in the
best place for wireless reception and/or ethernet-connected machines.

It's a bit unconventional so probably needs someone to set it up, as opposed
to using the A.N.Cheapo DSL-router supplied by the ISP. It may also have
support implications (ie they won't get much help from ISP in fixing