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Default VoIP with existing wiring and an NTE5c

Andrew Benham wrote:
So now I have an NTE5c and a VDSL SSFP, and no easy way to connect from
an ATA to the existing phone wiring. Now it strikes me that it ought
to be possible to connect from the ATA to the BT phone socket on the
VDSL SSFP - but that I'd need to cut something(s) in the faceplate wiring
so that the phone socket on the faceplate doesn't get the filtered voice

It also strikes me that I'm probably not the first person to think of
this. Has anyone done it already and can explain what to cut ?

So let me understand what you have:

- a regular NTE5 backplate. Wires come in from the street, there's the
internal socket on the front which carries voice and DSL
- the SFFP, which is interstitial on the NTE5. Socket for the DSL modem on
the top, filtered internal socket for voice on the front.
- regular NTE5 front plate, which has terminals for house phone wiring and a
BT socket for phones on the front

So what you want to do is replace #3 (the front plate) with something that
interposes on the phone wiring and allows you to loop through an ATA?

If you run a cable with a regular BT plug into the internal phone socket on
the SFFP, that's your voice input into the ATA. Then you need a way to
attach the ATA output to the house wiring.

You could do that with another socket box with two (or shared) terminals -
RJ11 cable from ATA is hardwired into one set of terminals, house wiring
hard wired into the other, socket on the front is for voice - something

Then you just blank off the front of the NTE5 with an NTE5B:
- that still allows access to the internal socket/terminals for the ATA

If you want it on one box, you need the NTE5 front plate to do two jobs:
1. BT male to wire (to ATA input)
2. wire terminals (ATA output, house wiring) to front socket

- you could hack up and solder the NTE5 front plate, but it wouldn't be very