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Default VoIP with existing wiring and an NTE5c

I'm planning to switch my landline number over to a VoIP provider, and use an
ATA to connect to the existing phone wiring and handsets. That way my aged
parent doesn't need to learn anything new.

I used to have 2 master sockets - an early NTE5 with a DSL faceplate, and
then a single pair link from the filtered side of that to a 'voice only'
master socket. That was done to make it easy to switch to VoIP - remove the
single pair link and plug the ATA into the 'voice only' master socket. But
an Openreach man replaced them both with an NTE5c and a VDSL Service Specific
Face Plate (SSFP), despite my explaining why I'd done it like that :-(

So now I have an NTE5c and a VDSL SSFP, and no easy way to connect from
an ATA to the existing phone wiring. Now it strikes me that it ought
to be possible to connect from the ATA to the BT phone socket on the
VDSL SSFP - but that I'd need to cut something(s) in the faceplate wiring
so that the phone socket on the faceplate doesn't get the filtered voice

It also strikes me that I'm probably not the first person to think of
this. Has anyone done it already and can explain what to cut ?

I already do precicly what you propose. I have four extension sockets
around the house that are now isolated from the BT line and have the
FXS pott of an ATA "back-fed" into one of the sockets.

The simplest (although messy) way you could do this is unscrew and
remove the faceplate from the NTE5, then check that all the extension
sockets are now dead.

Find one of the ADSL filters that your ISP sent you that you didn't
need to use, plug it into the "hidden" socket inside the NTE5

Take the RJ11 - RJ11 and connect it between the filter and the router,
which should now sync up.

Optionally plug in a phone to the POTS socket on the router to access
the BT line in emergency/power faliure

Now, find the other filter your ISP sent, we are just using this as a
convenent adapter, not to filter anything. Plug one end of a secind
RJ11 - Rj11 lead into the socket on this filter and the other end of
the lead into the FXS port of the ATA. Plug the faceplate bodily into
the POTS socket on this filter (assuming the wires are long enough),
now your extesion sockets will have dialtone from the ATA.