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Default VoIP with existing wiring and an NTE5c

Graham. wrote:
Andrew Benham wrote:

I'm planning to switch my landline number over to a VoIP provider

Careful you don't cease your VDSL service by doing so.

Yes indeed, I was told years ago that there is an Openreach "product"
which will renumber a line rather than cease it (along with the xDSL)
but as far as I can see, the likes of Sipgate and voipfone don't do it
that way

Andrews and Arnold can do it (for 42).


Thanks Theo. I found this which seems bang up to date

The A&A website confused me for a while, but I think I've got it
worked out now.
My mistake was to start he
and select "Port in an existing number"
you then get these off-putting warnings
We can port numbers to our VoIP platform from BT and some other
operators. Porting a number will stop your existing service.
Confirm you understand that this will stop the existing phone line
working, moving the number to VoIP, and this will stop any associated
broadband from working too.
I understand that porting a number will normally cease the existing
line and therefore cease any associated broadband services.

What I needed to do was read this
then order a new line.
Tell them you have an existing line
and a few clicks later is the all important option to:

Move line to A&A for broadband use only (no calls possible) and port
existing number to VoIP service for 11.20/month

**The totals for their chepeast naked ADSL are 57 setup and 36.20

I am currently paying 41.04 for line rental (Post Office) and 21.01
for Sky Broadband
**a total of 41.04pcm**
That makes A&A 4.84 cheaper and the saving will pay for the setup
charge in one year.

Downside is the 200GB/month quota, I'm not used to that, I doubt it
will affect me but I'm not sure.