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Default VOiP in home with analogue phone line

You get either an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) from such as Cisco
(as was Linksys before they were taken over) or Grandstream who do
such boxes.

The other option is to get a SIP phone with or without answering
machine. As an ATA by default uses a wire connection to the phone, a
SIP phone should not be an issue. Just have a browse on eBay - for
example item 142894122777 will do what you need. You will have to
program it but there is oodles of help on line.

You will need a VoIP account - Sipgate are good as they give you a
number and you can have incoming calls without paying a penny. You can
also call other Sipgate numbers free of charge. If you put credit on
your account you can call who you like.


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