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Default VOiP in home with analogue phone line

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Andy Hawkins wrote:

Hi all,

We currently have a Virgin Media analogue phone line, connected to a DECT
base station which provides answerphone, caller ID and phone service to a
number of Dect handsets around the house.

If I wanted to keep the analogue line, is there a device I can plug into the
analogue phone line, that will then give me VOIP service within my home. I
envisage this device connecting to my local network (wired or wireless would
be fine) and allow me to plug in either 'fixed' VOIP phones, or use the
service via an app on mobile devices.

In terms of functionality, I'd like:

* Caller display
* Answerphone
* Ability to connect VOIP phone(s) to my network to receive service, each
having their own 'extension number'
* Means to receive calls to my home number via my mobile (ideally both when
at home and out and about)
* Ability to transfer calls between either physical handsets or 'mobile'

Does such a device exists? I've tried googling, but all I seem to come up
with are high end devices aimed at providing services to a business (and
hence having a lot more functionality than I realistically need).

To be clear: are you asking for a device that will allow VoIP devices
to access your analogue line? In effect, to convert your analogue
service to VoIP?

There used to be some devices that would do it, but they haven't been
manufactured for some years now and are therefore only available
second hand.