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Default Plusnet billing failures

"Clive Page" wrote in message
Plusnet have changed their billing system and sent me two emails, first to
say that this months bill would be delayed, and later to say that it was
available. But the usual web links to billing simply don't work, bringing
up all sorts of error messages. Don't they test new systems at all? Or
maybe they have hired the same IT bunch as TSB?

There are scores of postings on the forum complaining about the same

If you try to contact them via webchat, despite the hours being posted as
7.30 am to 10pm seven days a week and it currently being just after 6pm,
the message says the customer service team are currently offline.

My impression, from my own experience and that of my parents who have all
been been customers of Force 9 since the early 2000s, is that their customer
support has gradually gone downhill. They are still streets ahead of the big
names like BT Internet, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin, mainly because they have
resisted the temptation to use Indian call centres, but whereas they used to
be "outstanding", they are now only "fairly good" (the ones I mentioned
above would be "poor" on that scale). Plusnet have made a unique selling
point of the fact that they are based in Yorkshire and mostly staffed by
Yorkshire people.

My parents recently upgraded from ADSL to FTTC/VDSL and they were told lots
of different and conflicting information by different support people about
passwords, likely speeds and estimated dates.

Things have gone downhill from the days when they managed a complicated
house-move which involved them closing one account and moving another from
my old house to the one where I closed that older account. On that occasion
the guy sounded unfazed by my rather tentative request, and it all happened

One recent change is welcome: previously if you moved house and didn't have
another house to move immediately to where the account could be transferred,
they closed the account and charged you a holding fee to keep alive any
email addresses based on the account. A few weeks ago they announced that
the email accounts would now be kept alive for free. They still can't
resurrect a "parked" account, but I suppose you can't have everything!