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Default Plusnet billing failures

Andy Burns wrote:
Andy Burns wrote:

Clive Page wrote:

Plusnet have changed their billing system and sent me two emails,
first to say that this months bill would be delayed, and later to
say that it was available. But the usual web links to billing simply
don't work

I'll see tomorrow (mine usually arrives on 8th)

Well it just arrived, the email linked to the bills&payments page on
the portal, which did take some time to load (appearing blank while
it did so)
last months bill was there in PDF format, and all previous months
still there in old text/table format, so all looks ok for me at least.

I've just checked mine. Usually I get emailed withi 5 days of the 1st
of the month and the the money is paid on around the 4th of the month.
So far, no email and my account hasn't been debited. I suppose I ought
to contact them in the morning.
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