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Default Plusnet billing failures

Andy Burns wrote:

I've just checked mine. Usually I get emailed withi 5 days of the 1st
of the month and the the money is paid on around the 4th of the month.
So far, no email and my account hasn't been debited. I suppose I ought
to contact them in the morning.

There may be something useful going on in Plusnet. Today I checked again, can see a drop-down selector for the date of my bill, and when I select the latest one, it does indeed download it. But it calls it $STANDARD with no file type, so neither of my PDF readers (Adobe, Sumatra) know what to do with it. If I go into Widows File Explorer and rename the file with a .pdf extension, I can read it.

So probably this is the main remaining thing that needs fixing. But one wonders how dumb a programmer has to be to think that providing a download without a file type is a sensible move. And I still don't understand why they can't simply send out an email with a PDF attachment, which would avoid all this logging in nonsense.

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