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Default Plusnet billing failures

Clive Page wrote:
Andy Burns wrote:

I've just checked mine. Usually I get emailed withi 5 days of the
1st of the month and the the money is paid on around the 4th of the
month. So far, no email and my account hasn't been debited. I
suppose I ought to contact them in the morning.

I went through that process yesterday and it took for ages. If you
don't have unlimited free calls on your 'phone, be warned the waiting
time to get to a human being may well take hour or more. The guy I
talked to did all the checks, and insisted that my account was debited
on the 31st August this time (as with you I'm usually debited on 4th of
the following month. I've double checked my back account and the money
has definitely not been taken from there. The last payment I have made
was on 4th August. The PN guy double checked again and insisted that I
owed them nothing and am currently up to date. Makes me wonder which
John Doe is paying for my PN BB then.
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