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Default Citizens Advice: Millions overcharged for mobile contracts

On 19/09/2018 19:55, Java Jive wrote:

If I'd remembered to post the link, which I now have, you would have
realised that they're not talking about continuing to deduct payments
from people who have cancelled contracts, they're talking about people
who begin a contract to 'hire-purchase' a phone over a given period, but
whom the network do not move to a SIM only contract once that period is
over, so they are still paying the extra cost of paying for the phone
even though it's been paid for.

Ah, that makes sense, sort of. Although my view is that if you really,
really, REALLY want an expensive phone (or an expensive anything else,
come to that) then you save up for it and buy it outright. I managed to
become debt-free three years ago and haven't used any form of credit
since. My partner and I have a savings account that we pay into
regularly every month and what we need (such as a new cooker that we'll
be buying in a month or two) we pay for out of that.

Ria in Aberdeen

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