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Default Openroach turbo master baiting too busy to install fiber

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

So just remind everyone - what data rate can be [readily] achieved down
a single fibre in Tbps?

WTF would anyone be daft enough to install 3456 core fibre cables
anywhere [when just a few (for redundancy) would do]?

Hint - some clues here : -

Openreach use passive optical splitters so they don't have to have
powered kit scattered about. The bitrate is limited by what the customer
site fibre modems can handle - way below the fibre's limit.


Interesting - 10Gbps fibre modems are as opposed to for 1Gbps.

You Lying Troll!!

Its $9 for 1gbit, and less than $20 for 10gbits

Can they use a diffraction grating to extract multiple beams from the same

BWahaha! Say what troll?
Its TDM unless its long haul where fiber is expensive like undersea links.