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Default Openroach turbo master baiting too busy to install fiber

R. Mark Clayton wrote:

So just remind everyone

Certainly troll:

Read again troll and weep:

Openroach turbo master baiting too busy to install fiber

Openroach (BT - British Telecum) funded by Treasury, DCMS and Ofcum to the
tune of a free lunch amounting 1.6 beeellion has announced
they can no longer accept fiber orders.

That is because as a phone Internet cumpany, just like
cable Internet cumpany (VM), they don't know how
to install fiber Internet like fiber Internet companies
do all day cabling up 4% of UK with fiber.
Companies like Hyperoprick (cherry pickers of fiber
installing only to tower blocks) B4RN, Citifiber, Gigaclear,
M247, Cummunity Fiber (mostly a cherry picking fiber business
model at present cabling up council estates instead of
normal houses) install fiber every day without gov
funding of the 1.6 beellioons handout.

So why does government give in to threats of BT and Openroach
when they could just as well let phone Internet cumpanies
and cable Internet cumpanies all go to the wall,
and let fiber Internet rise from the ashes?

Well its because of deep incestuous recruiting between
Offcum, DCMS and the fscking trolls in BT and Openroach.

These new recruits have no history of dealing with
fiber, its data centres or any idea of fiber as the public notes,
and they are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the
entire establishment.

In the City for example, BT fsckwit of a leader just got sacked.
However BT are replacing that fsckwit with another fsckwit
retired from Offcum. Tis beggars belief!!

The only reason they sacked the fscking idiot is
because he was such a wahananker that trashed BT.
Instead of investing in 20x cheaper fiber, he
continued to master bait with krone tools.

It cannot continue. The City just told the fscktard to go.
But the recruiters are trying to ensure that
the new chief executive is a *fscking* retard from
the old mold with no idea what a fiber is.


The result is plain to see. Instead of fitting 3456 core
1.5 inch fiber cables everywhere, Openroach just
told everyone they don't know how to
install fiber and refuse to take any more orders.