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Default High speed broadband to become a legal right

"Andy Burns" wrote in message
NY wrote:

Java Jive wrote:
The Government has confirmed that universal high speed broadband will be
delivered by a regulatory Universal Service Obligation (USO) I wonder
what they will do about people who are at the end of long phone

lines in rural areas several miles from an exchange. Will they have a
get-out clause

It would hardly be a universal obligation if they did, presumably
non-copper solutions such as 4G/satellite/line-of-sight will be used where

So it will only be universal in the sense of finding *some* way of getting
faster broadband, not universal in the sense that everyone will be able to
get ADSL or FTTC/VDSL at 10 Mbps at the same or a two-tier (*) price
without having to pay an extra cost because the only solution is 4G or

(*) At present, many ISPs charge one of two prices depending on which
exchange you are connected to, presumably reflecting a premium that BT
charge ISPs for rural lines/exchanges.