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Default Jersey fibred up

Various news reports that after seven years' rollout every premise in Jersey now has fibre broadband.

Contrary to claims by other contributors to this that this would only cost tuppence, it cost over 40M to reach 45k premises using 3Mm or 4,000 miles of fibre (reports differ). That's nearly 1,000 per connection! Their government paid nearly half.

If you actually want gigabit Ethernet, JT will charge you 70pm and even then usage is capped. Cheaper options are available, but with the speed throttled and an even lower cap.

Jersey is a small densely populated island, keeping cable runs short. Extrapolated to the UK, with 30M dwellings and probably 4M business premises, would give an overall cost of 32Billion. Whilst there would be some economies from the greater scale, this would be offset by numerous connections in remoter parts of the country.

Installing universal fibre is only cheaper than copper in Dreamland...