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In article , CJB
For some years I used to use a small USB dongle from Three to access
the Internet. I had a contract on a monthly basis for 5GB at 15 - that
was OK for me. Then the damn device kept disconnecting. Payment was on

So last year I complained and got suckered into a Wifi device again USB
connected. This was on a yearly contract for 17 for 20GB. Again
payment was on DD. The previous DD was supposed to be cancelled by
Three as soon as the new one kicked in.

Earlier this year I checked by bank account and found that Three had
been deducting TWO DDs for months. They hadn't cancelled the first one
as promised.

Contacting Three was a nightmare. I tried their chat to an agent
feature. I tried raising an issue on their complaints page - no-one
phoned back. I tried emailing the HQ for Hutchinson in Scotland. Then I
tried Resolver and TrustPilot - all to no avail. Even Facebook was
useless. Finally the thing that worked was the Customer Service phone
an agent feature - with a senior person who had authority to refund the
overpayments made.

But it was all damn hard work - but I got my money back.


Did you not contact your bank? DD guarantee.