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Default VDSL VLAN tag question

Andy Burns wrote:
Java Jive wrote:

I have no experience of VDSL specifically,
Do you really mean VLAN?

Yes he does, it's used in a similar way to the VPI=0/VCI=38 for
openreach PPPoA with ADSL, IIRC some of the unbunbdled providers
(Be/bulldog) used different values.

Theoretically allowing multiple virtual circuits, but I highly doubt you
could ever order two different ISP connections over a single line.

Thank you. My information came from the Draytek instructions, so
presumably it's done for a purpose. In fact I have a hazy memory of
configuring an early 2860 without the VLAN tag and getting some very
strange behaviour; and having to get the SEG technical support people to
find the instructions for the VLAN tag setting which were not at that
time part of the standard documentation.

Logically, multiple ISP connections ought to be possible over a single
line; but given that the line itself is the bandwidth-limiting factor
there would be very little point.

Graham J