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Default VDSL VLAN tag question

Alfred wrote:


I think the 101 tag is only when you use the internal modem for ADSL
(possibly also for VDSL). For the setup with internal modem I used


The Vigor V2860 instructions say that the VLAN tag value of 101 is
required for VDSL (but not for ADSL) when using the internal modem.

Probably tomorrow I will test this with an external modem on a V2860 and
a V2830, and will report back.

A relative has a V2830 with an Openreach modem connected to the WAN2
port, using VDSL, and this does not require the VLAN tag 101 where the
ISP is Zen Internet. Do you think the requirement may depend on the
ISP, or on the type of modem in use?

Graham J