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Default Vigor V2860 WAN2 to modem to Plusnet

Alfred wrote:
WAN2 connected to modem to ADSL service from Plusnet.
Error Router: Message [ PPPoE : No response from server side. ]

The problem with Plusnet is present regardless of whether WAN1 is used
or not.


Using Vigor 2830
WAN1 not connected
WAN2 connected to modem to ADSL service from Plusnet.
This connects OK

Did you try using PPPoA for plusnet adsl, not PPPoE? even if you are
using an external modem over ethernet.

It asks for: Use:
Broadband username or login name
Connection type or encapsulation 'PPPoA' or 'PPP over ATM'
Password The password you use to log in to the Member Centre
Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) 0
Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) 38
Multiplexing method 'VC Based' or 'VCMUX' or 'VC-Multiplexing'

PPPoA is not an option available on the WAN2 port of any Vigor router.
'PPP over ATM' relates to the transport mechanism of the modem. The
other parameters you quote also relate to the modem, not the router; and
are configured in the modem itself.

Graham J