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Default Vigor V2860 WAN2 to modem to Plusnet

On 04/11/2018 12:02, Graham J wrote:
Configuration is:

Vigor 2860
WAN1 connected to VDSL service from Zen Internet
WAN2 connected to modem to ADSL service from Plusnet.
Error Router: Message [ PPPoE : No response from server side. ]

The problem with Plusnet is present regardless of whether WAN1 is used
or not.


Using Vigor 2830
WAN1 not connected
WAN2 connected to modem to ADSL service from Plusnet.
This connects OK

However: Vigor 2860
WAN1 not connected
WAN2 connected to modem to VDSL service from ***Zen Internet***
This works OK.

I suspected a problem about a couple of months back (September 2018). At
that time I had a Vigor V2910 and two ADSL modems - this was before the
Zen connection was upgraded to VDSL.* The Plusnet connection appeared to
fail.* Ater much testing I assumed that there was a problem with the
very old V2910 and decided to pension it off.* In the mean time I
configured its WAN2 to communicate with a router rather than a modem,
which behaved as expected.

So there appears to be an incompatibility between the WAN2 port of some
Vigor routers and the Plusnet ADSL service.

No, I don't think you can draw that conclusion, at least not on the
evidence you have presented to us. See below ...

Has anybody else seen this?

No, but on the evidence given above I think your conclusion is
premature. All you've actually proved is what you have stated above,
that one modem connected to the 2860 WAN2 works while the other does
not, so I'd check the simple things first, which you may have done
already but not told us.

Compare the subnet settings between each modem and the 2860 WAN2.
For the one that works, how is it set up, fixed IPs or DHCP, and is the
one that doesn't work the same, or the other? Make sure that in the
case that doesn't work, the 2860 WAN2 port settings reflect what the
modem is expecting, in other words fixed IP or receive IP via DHCP, as