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Default Vigor V2860 WAN2 to modem to Plusnet

grinch wrote:
On 04/11/2018 15:45, Graham J wrote:
grinch wrote:
On 04/11/2018 13:13, Alfred wrote:
Vigor 2830

Once/if* you have fix/ed the above you then have the issue of
routing. Which ISP does a particular packet take ? As you are not
running a routing protocol how will it decide ?


All serious testing was done with only the WAN2 port connected, so the
routing issue doesn't arise.

However the Vigor routers have a load-balancing GUI so the route that
traffic takes can be managed from that.* It can take account of the
raw line speed, and user preferences so for example traffic to your
bank's website always goes through a given route (to avoid the
potential problem of packets within the same session arriving at the
bank from different IP addresses).

To be honest I don't have that much experience with low end routers,I
work mainly with Cisco and BGP.

If you say it will work I cant argue but I can be 100% certain my
suggestions will work ,because I have tested them.

I would run the Zen FTTC via the modem and pppoe and the plusnet via the
built in modem on pppoa ,that should not be that difficult to get working.

Fair comment, but the WAN1 port shows the full modem performance
statistics, whereas the WAN2 port only shows SNR margin and attenuation
if used with a Vigor V130 modem.

So I want to use WAN2 for Plusnet. Given that WAN2 works with Zen, what
is different about Plusnet that WAN2 does not work?

Graham J