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On 2018-10-14, Graham wrote:
Has gone the same way as UKDDI ?

All my existing 03 number routings still work, but the management
platform just redirects to the parent site so I can't amend anything.

I sent Nexbridge an email this morning, and got this reply:

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, but we have been experiencing
some issues with our website. Our Support team are working at fixing and
finding the bugs, and we hope that the website will be up and running
again soon.

So, with any luck, it'll be back online at some point, but they're not
committing to any timescale.

I sent a similar message, and got a similar reply from Jacqueline on
22/10. She actually said she hoped it would be resolved "Early next
week" (last week). She also kindly offered to ammend any routings from
her end.