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Default 5G will let users ditch fixed-line home broadband, says Three

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On 08/11/2018 11:41, NY wrote:

I just hope that the phone companies don't blow all their money upgrading
mobile/data coverage for the people who already have a fairly fast
connection, and neglect the people in more rural areas who can't even get
100% reliable phone call and slow data coverage.

Which, of course, is exactly what will happen under the current
laissez-faire non-management of hands-off-com. What is needed at very
least is a regime where telecoms operators have to finish rolling out nG
to the entire population before they are allowed to commence rolling out
(n+1)G, but this never, ever seems to happen !-(

Exactly. The same thing applies to HS2: money is being spent ("wasted",
IMHO) giving people in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham a slightly faster
train service to London, instead of improving the existing service
throughout the UK or opening new lines - apart from in London or in parts of
Scotland where Crossrail and the Waverley line have been (re)opened.

If telephone companies and railway companies won't voluntarily make it the
highest priority to get everyone up to a reasonable level of service, before
starting to get the Chosen Few up to a higher level of service, they should
be compelled to do so by one of the many watchdogs. That always assumes that
the watchdog puts it false teeth back in and actually does its job properly,
baring its teeth at companies that are getting it wrong.