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Anyhow, the website is back - but they had some disc corruption after a
failure. Go to your account, log in. They'll request you reset your password.
Once done, you can get back in, but you might be missing some of your numbers.
If so, email support at 03now dot co dot uk to arrange having them
reassociated with your account. You should also receive an email from them
detailing what happened.

Yes indeed.
All the numbers were missing, but I've simply assigned fresh ones, the
old ones were not important, and I don't want to bother them for the
penny or two they make from my traffic.

A couple of things,
First it might appear that you are resetting your password, but in
truth you are creating one to replace the one they lost. I proved that
by submitting a wrong password and still got the reset dialouge.

Second still redirects to
you have to use

Now to give each one a unique URI so I will still have control if it
happens again.