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Default the lesser spotted Gigabit Ethernet port ?

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On 16/01/2019 18:33, Abandoned Trolley wrote:

hi there

I am just wondering what the general view is of the astonishing number of
wireless routers on the market (both xDSL and cable) which are offering
wireless connections of hundreds of megabits, but have no wired
connection faster than 100M.

I realise that most connections are directed toward the internet, and
that that majority of customers have download speeds less than 100M so
its not really a problem. However, for anybody using a media server or
any other service on the LAN there's hardly any point in going wireless
at all

There must be some rationale for this, apart from plain cost cutting -
what is it ?

Apathy. Plus the belief of manufacturers that everybody uses wireless. I'm
waiting for a router to come out with no Ethernet ports at all.

They're already making laptops without them: you have to buy an add-on
USB-Ethernet port if you want one, just as you have to buy an add-on
CD/DVD/BluRay drive if you want one.