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Default BT broadband issues

Recliner wrote:
Woody wrote:
On Sun 30/06/2019 15:47, Recliner wrote:
I've had BT ADSL from when it was first available in 2000, and unlimited
VDSL2 FTTC for several years now. It's generally performed to expectations
with few technical issues.

But from early this year, my FTTC performance has nose-dived: numerous
dropouts and upload speed below 0.5 Mbps, rather than the ~11 it should be.
Download speed is very variable, but much less than the 50+ Mbps that it
used to be.

I've have five visits from Openreach engineers, who usually get it back up
to speed after some tinkering and resetting the DLM. But the fix never
lasts. Just about everything that can be replaced has been, including much
of the copper wire to the cabinet and the Home Hub. Has anyone else come
across this problem?

If BT really can't fix it, would I be in my rights to first demand a refund
under the BT Stay Fast guarantee, and if they still can't fix, cancel the
contract and demand a refund of my pre-paid line rental?

I'm lucky enough to have the options of both Virgin and Hyperoptic, both of
which offer much higher, more reliable speeds. Hyperoptic, in particular,
sounds very attractive. Has anyone here used it? I don't really need its
150 Mbps speed, but I hope it would be more reliable than BT's flakey

VM are not cheap and have a habit of increasing the price every year,
but their feed is quick, very reliable, and unlimited both in terms of
data and of sites that you can access.

I have had VM B/B cable (+phone which we don't use - still have BT for
that) since about 2002 and have had only three outages, the main of
which was when some kind soul drove his car into the streetcab at the
top of our road. Phone was back on in 24 hours, but it took three days
for broadband. Mind you having seen the mess it made of the cab that was
IMO good going.

The only down side are the script jockeys in Bangalore if you have any

I'm much more tempted by Hyperoptic. It's obviously much, much smaller, but
the reviews are great. Speeds are very high, and symmetric. And at least
they won't be trying to flog me TV…

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