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Default Cheap wired-only router

It looks like my BT Smart Hub (HH6) is having trouble with devices roaming
between its wifi interface and another access point attached to its
ethernet. The wifi on the HH6 is rather good, but it looks like the routing
is suffering. It isn't supported by OpenWRT at present.

If I can demote the HH6 to being a wifi access point only (and that helps
the problem), what's a good consumer router for ethernet only routing? The
BT Homehub 5 previously mentioned here has slow NAT performance, so won't
keep up with FTTP. I've previously used an x86 for this, but it was a bit
large, loud (fans) and power hungry.

There are some offerings from Ubiquiti and Mikrotik, but I'm less than keen
on their pay-per-feature business model. I suppose OpenWRT is an option for
those. Ideally I'd like to keep this as cheap as possible too, so not
buying something new from Netgear and friends (which are also very focused
on the wifi side, which I'm not interested in).

Are there any ISP routers like the HH5 that are cheap on the secondhand
market and would be good for repurposing?